Cure Rhythm Workout

New Magical Workout! This one is themed for Cure Rhythm, so it’s using rhythm games! If you’ve got a USB dace mat for Stepmania and a Wii, this is pretty fun and a good one!

Wii & Stepmania/DDR Workout

Wii & Stepmania/DDR Workout

Stretch out!

Stepmania/DDR – 12 Songs!

Samba de Amigo – 6 Songs!

Just Dance – 6 Songs!

Stretch out again!


Keep some water with you to stay hydrated!


If you need to do some more stretches and water between songs and sets, that’s okay. While it is for the cardio and fun of it, you want to make sure you’re adequately prepped and hydrated so you don’t injure yourself or make yourself sick from not taking care.


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Being a Chronically Ill Lolita – From Charmeine Etoile of NorthCarolitas

One of my friends from the local community put a lot of things that cross my mind about being in the lolita community when you are dealing with a chronic illness into a rather concise discussion on it. I know on days when I lack the energy to really get dressed there are some things I do to still “dress up” to cope and feel a bit better. Figured I’d share this and kinda’ expand on some of the stuff talked about in coming posts.

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Unrelated giggle

Unrelated, but I have to inflict this upon my loved ones! Okay, this is something that gives me a giggle. Today I’m just sharing a laugh that a friend shared with me~!


Kenneth Williams as Rambling Syd Rumpo! Thanks to my friend and mentor of sorts, Rob, for planting this seed in my brain.

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Cheerwine Cookies – Version 1

So, over the weekend I’ve been playing in the kitchen. I’ve made a pledge to myself not to eat sweets and stuff during the regular work week and limit it to the weekend. I’ve been getting a bit of a baking urge lately, so now that it’s Saturday, I’ve going ahead with a few experiments I’ve been plotting. I purchased a few bottles of Cheerwine syrup at the Autumn Jubilee in Salisbury recently, so I’ve been wanting to play with that for my baking and sweet-making naturally.

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An Introduction

I suppose first thing I can do is introduce myself and the concept of my little blog here.


I’ve always had a fascination with pretty ruffly clothes, cute things, girly media, and “lady-like” pursuits like baking, sewing, fine art. Also growing up in a small nerd-tribe, I came into a love of anime and through that international pop culture and cuisine of many regions. (When there’s an entire world making art and fun stuff, why stop with Japan?) I also have spent my whole life living south of the Mason-Dixon line, which if you are American and reading this, you know that this would more or less define me as a “Southerner.” So, with my love of international pop culture expanding into fashion, especially the lolita street style and the ideas of “lifestyle lolita”, and what that even means, considering most of these things I saw people talking about I always just kind of… Did and liked. It dawned on me that my love of the arts, baking, embroidery, world pop culture, classical music, and so on had come to a very particular mish-mash as a young (albeit nerdy) young woman in this weird corner of the US.


Here I am pouring over the recipes in my copies of Southern Lady magazine, looking at dresses from Mary Magdalene and Chess Story, talking with my fiance about doing things like going to the symphony or the subversive nature of feminine pop culture around the world… I’m some weird spot of being a young woman in the “New South” living here in Charlotte, and as I started taking better care of myself, developing my personal fashion sense, and reestablishing my old loves of the arts… Perhaps some kind of new “Southern Belle” rose from the ashes of my old life in West Virginia, and has learned that changing the world into what we want to see begins with us.


Or as my fiance laughed when that sorta’ dawned on me: “Oh, god! Southern Bellita!”


So, that’s the first little inkling of where my brain started going with my finally getting up the courage to approach the lolita community in my neck of the woods. So I figured it could be a very fun little slice of a peculiar “flavor” of Western lolita pop subculture.


Beyond the scope of talking about lolita fashion and my venturing into the community, some of the stuff that’ll probably pop up along the way:


Recipes, crafts, sewing, music, theatre, art, fitness, feminism, literature, humor, and life as a nerd girl in the South.


I look forward to seeing you all!

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