I still am learning to style my hair

Hi there! I know I’ve been out a long time, as the spring and summer have geared up to be hectic time for my family and me.

One of the things I’ve been trying to work on is learning to style my hair for day to day beauty and lolita coordinates. I have a few wigs, but I’ll admit I’m not that fond of wearing them. They get a bit needlessly hot and I think when I put them on it makes it more of a costume.

Sooooo… I’m slowly learning how to do stuff like this

And applying makeup since I actually didn’t do that much with makeup when I was younger. I was a bit more absorbed in classes and learning to use things like this as a way to… Focus, pamper, and take care of myself is a bit new to me. This “beautifying my life” is a bit more than just my interest in lolita, but also part of my fight against depression.

This hair tutorial is by Cinthia Truong and she does a lot of really great hair tutorials! If you’re looking to use your real hair or avoid wigs due to the heat, her styles are awesome!

About Arch Duchess Teddybear

Dipping my toes into lolita fashion as the next logical step for my love of lace, ruffles, and crafting!
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