Cure Rhythm Workout

New Magical Workout! This one is themed for Cure Rhythm, so it’s using rhythm games! If you’ve got a USB dace mat for Stepmania and a Wii, this is pretty fun and a good one!

Wii & Stepmania/DDR Workout

Wii & Stepmania/DDR Workout

Stretch out!

Stepmania/DDR – 12 Songs!

Samba de Amigo – 6 Songs!

Just Dance – 6 Songs!

Stretch out again!


Keep some water with you to stay hydrated!


If you need to do some more stretches and water between songs and sets, that’s okay. While it is for the cardio and fun of it, you want to make sure you’re adequately prepped and hydrated so you don’t injure yourself or make yourself sick from not taking care.


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