Innocent World Classical Strawberry unboxing~!

I put in for reserve of Innocent World’s new Classical Strawberry JSK and their mook and parasol. These are my first brand pieces. They don’t fit me yet, as they’re kinda’ goals for my fitness quest. (I’ll be writing more about that later. My husband and I are making a bit of a RPG out of it.) I was too excited to keep this to myself, though.

First professionally made piece of my wardrobe and “quest loot”!

Here’s my moment of joy~

Here’s the parasol in its box. So cute!

And the dress still in its garment bag

Innocent World’s Classical Strawberry, in garment bag

Then one of my babies, Cola, came in to announce her burning desire to cover it in her soft, dark hair.

Cola, a very silly little kitty who loves sharing her soft, dark hair with my lightly colored belongings

The parasol opened on my bed

Opened rose border parasol from Innocent World

Innocent World’s Classical Strawberry dress, out of garment bag.

I’m really excited to even be working on fitting into this dress. It’s so very cute and strawberries are among my favorite things! Can’t wait to show you all when I wear it!

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